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JB using a wrench as a nutrackerRight. So I’ve been giving out linklove by batches, but for today I think I want to give it to one specific person.

My brother.

JB Cada is my eldest brother, a techie, mechie (if there’s such a term) and basically your all-around guy. He’s also a foodie and blogs in McGuyver’s Kitchen, writing about…well… food! It’s not a blog on how to cook, really. (Not always, anyway.) My brother just likes to write about the stuff he cooks up, recipes he discovers (and tweaks), his experiences in culinary studies, and everything else that has to do with the stuff we put in our mouths.

JB in culinary schoolWhen I was still a little girl, I always saw my brother to be the guy who loved reading and writing, who easily solved math and physics problems, who tinkered around with our PC, and who always knew how to fix electrical stuff. It wouldn’t be until I was nearly graduating from high school when I realized that he could be a chef. And a fine one at that. WAY before he started attending the Center for Asian Culinary Studies, he already played around with the pasta recipes in our mom’s recipe box, and later, the dishes he got out of the Internet. As it turns out, my brother had a natural talent for cooking, and I always envied how he could look in the refrigerator, take out leftovers and whatever ingredients were available, and then whip up a classy-looking meal in 30 minutes.

Yes. Men are not created equal.

(Kidding. I do believe we’re created equal, but just that our talents differ. But that’s another topic altogether.)

Hm. So if he was that good before he began formal lessons, what more now that he’s on his way to becoming an official chef? Yikes. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat in fastfood anymore if I get used to his cooking. Harahar. Right now I’m already a pretty mean food critic as it is.

Haha! I’m, imagining myself pointing to fastfood spaghetti and yelling, “This is a disgrace! DISGRACE to the honor of pastaaaaaa!!!”

Just to clue you in on what’s going on in his blog (and The Regali Kitchen) recently…

He went to this Food Writing and Photography seminar thingy at Serye facilitated by Markku Seguerra & Christine Nunag (read about it!). I wished I’d been there, too, but I was busy that morning. Hehe.

Last week, Kuya Jabes cooked 3 chicken dishes for dinner. Our menu was:

  • Steamed Roulade of Chicken Stuffed with Prawn & Asparagus, paired with Shiitake Cream Penne
  • Breaded Suprême of Chicken Stuffed with Kesong Puti, served with Roasted Red Capsicum Cream Sauce
  • Ballotine of Chicken Stuffed with Apples & Cashews, served with Herbed Mashed Potato and Apple Brandy Demiglace


Are you hungy? I’m getting hungry.

Check out his blog, people! ^____^

One thought on “check ‘im out :: ironchefjabes

  1. andianka July 25, 2007 / 8:54 pm

    wow…looks like fun and talaga namang katakamtakam… 🙂

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