Jamaican my burger

My friend’s going to get married tomorrow, and I only started looking for a dress two days ago. Talk about procrastination. It took me an hour or so before I found the perfect dress in Apple & Eve, my most favorite store for girly clothes. It’s navy blue with a white trim, and the material falls perfectly on me, I swear.

…But this post is not about clothes.

It’s about a burger.

So my dress has an okay length, but my mom and I thought that maybe it’ll look better on me if we had an inch or so taken off of the hem. So my mom had it altered at Alter to Fit in SM North yesterday.

The part about the burger is coming soon, I swear.

This afternoon after a tiring day at work, I met with my mom in the mall and we went to get my altered dress, and, as expected, it looked better.

After that happy event, we went next door to Jamaican Patties Shop & Juice Bar. I’ve always ordered patties at Jamaican Patties (like, duh) so imagine my dismay when they told me that they’ve ran out of patties. Okay, so it was very near closing time already, but… I was tired, I was hungry, and I wanted my Jamaican patty!!!

Anyway. the guy at the counter recommended their burger. I agreed because I was really hungry and I didn’t want to go to another reestaurant and decide on what to get only to find out that that thing I decided to get was out already. Plus the burger had veggies.

So, burger it is, then.

And, my goodness, can I just say that I loved that burger? True, I was hungry, and most hungry people will be grateful for whatever food they eat but MAN! That buger rocked! And it even had a little Philippine flag on it because June 12 is the Philippine Independence Day.

And, yes, that burger made me happy.

And the next time I got Jamaican Patty, don’t be surprised if I get a burger. ^_^

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