Food Review: Cyma Greek Taverna

[Part 1 of August 2, 2008: Sleep, Rain, and Spying on Burger King]

I left Burger King to meet with the amigas, and we made our way up to Trinoma’s fourth floor to eat atCyma Greek Taverna, a..err…Greek restaurant.

Today (or yesterday, since my clock tells me it’s the 3rd of August already) was the first time I ate there. I already eat Mediterranean food, but, honestly speaking, I’m not that much of a raving fan. I like it, yes, but it won’t pop into my mind when friends ask me where we want to eat.

Ah, but I think that changed today.

The food in Cymais superb!

We started out with Saganaki, an aromatic cheese-based appetizer. I’m not sure what cheeses they used, but I’m sure it was more than one kind, and I’m sure there were Feta cubes in there…CHEESE!!! I LOVE it. When our server brought it to our table, I scrambled to get my camera, but by the time I had it on, the saganaki had already been flambéed, the crew had shouted “OPA!” and our server was already drizzling it with lemon. *sigh*
Cyma: Spinach and Artichoke Fondue
Next up: Spinach and Artichoke Fondue.

Again, CHEESE!!!

That by itself made me happy, but the spinach and the artichoke made me even happier. I don’t get to eat artichoke frequently, so of course I enjoyed this dish very much.

It goes really well with both the garlic bread and the pita bread that comes with it. I can’t decide which one I like better. I love the grilled taste of the garlic bread, and I liked the pita bread for…being pita bread. Haha!

Before we move on, can I just say that I LOVE Cyma for serving drinks and appetizer first before the main course, just as ALL restraunts should be doing? A lot of restaurants can’t seem to grasp the fact that appetizers should go first. And that it should be finished before the main course is served. Ah, but Cyma got it, thank God.

Our main courses were: Baby Clams Angel Hair (which was basically clams, clams, clams…and a bit of angel hair… and lots of EVOO and lemon), Roasted Leg of Lamb (the lamb was delicious! Tender and tasty. Yum! and of course, Loraine feasted on the potato slices), and Lamb Gyro (yes, we ordered another lamb dish. It was sort of a mistake, but not quite a mistake because it was yummy, too).

Cyma: Baby Clams Angel HairCyma: Roasted Lamb Leg
Cyma: Lamb Gyro

Dessert was Flaming Mango. This time, my camera was ready to shoot! …But I forgot to check the setting… It was set to VGA. Darn. Here’s the video, anyway.

Oh, and for drinks I got the fresh-squeezed Lemonade, which is really my drink for Mediterranean eating.

I love it how my taste buds were satisfied, my tummy was content, I had a blast…But I didn’t feel bloated. Many thanks to EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

In summary: my Cyma experience was fun! Sadly, it doesn’t fit into my everyday budget, but I’ll definitely back someday. And hopefully soon!

Cyma Greek Taverna
Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, PH
Telephone: (632) 915-2859

Up next: After lunch we headed back into the mall to get tickets to The Dark Knight. Finally.

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