at ako’y biglang naging manlalakbay

Saturday: Scuba Diving at Anilao, Batangas
Left Manila at 3AM (arrrgh I was so sleepy!!!). Went snorkelling right after diving orientation, while waiting for my turn to dive. Got to meet a clownfish family (hehe) and a couple of giant clams, among others. Went for the dive around 2PM. Went below until 30 feet. IT WAS AWESOME. Went for dinner at Grace Sister of Rose (haha! that name always gets me.) Got home around midnight.

Sunday: Victory LB alumni homecoming at Los Baños
A long-overdue reunion. Had fun meeting people I had not seen in 3 years, which is mostly my fault for not coming to visit Los Baños in forever. Went to buy Mer-Nel’s cake for the family and for the roommates. Didn’t get to go on the last bus back to Manila, so we had to go to Calamba, and then Alabang, and then Cubao. Nyaharharhar. Note to self: remember that the last bus leaves at 8:30. Got home around 11 in the evening.

Monday: Every Nation Productions outing at Alabang
Killer Uno. Videoke. Lunch, lunch, lunch, and more lunch. Charoodles. A million laughs with officemates and family. Lunch, lunch. Frisbee. Nap under the trees. And more lunch. Haha! Got home around 7:30. Looked up at the sky and saw Venus, Jupiter, and Luna smiling at me 🙂  Texted everyone I know with a decent camera to please, please, please take a photo of it. This photo is by Beth.

What a weekend! Note that after every “event”, I went back to Quezon City to spend the night at home. Hay.

One thing I would like to change about myself is that I don’t travel a lot, no matter how much I would like to. But that’s going to change!!!


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