Bohol-bound in November

Planning for Bohol, and I am getting dizzy.

This year has been a travel year for me. There was Baguio in January, Davao in March, Quezon in May, Palawan in June and Cagayan de Oro in August, and General Santos City in September. My last trip for the year is going to be Bohol in November! (Unless, of course, we go somewhere for New Year’s…which has about 90% chance of happening.)

I don’t usually blog about a trip before the actual trip, but this is probably also because I’m usually not the one planning my trips. We went to Baguio and Cagayan de Oro for weddings, and in both trips we didn’t really have itineraries aside from ther wedding. Davao was arranged by Avatar Media, and GenSan by the Soccsksargenbloggers. Quezon was Pahiyas. Ah, for Palawan, I helped with the itinerary, but my mom was the final decision-maker. But for this trip… Ahahaha. I was doing the legwork. Sort of.

The data-gathering—yeeeaaah, let’s be all scientist-like—was dizzying. There were so many helpful people around who gave hotel suggestions and told us where to go and what to eat and what not to do and soon enough it was information overload and I didn’t know who to listen to anymore. It also doesn’t help that my stock knowledge about Philippine geography just won’t kick in, so I didn’t know which was where and where was what.

Ah, but after a while I was beginning to see a trend, and I realized that maybe everyone’s suggestions were the same thing, after all.

Here is what helped me form my soon-to-be-finalized itinerary.

  • Plurk – Ah, yes. My first resort in asking questions, because it’s SO easy to ask questions and get answers almost immediately. Haha!Check out the thread here.
  • Apparently, Pinoy Exchange and are very good places to look at when researching. Everyone’s been telling me to look there. I did not. I just asked people who did. Haha!
  • Calvin’s Hub – THIS BE A VERY HELPFUL BLOG POST SERIES. I recommend this for clueless Bohol newbies like me.
  • IRL friends – The innarwebz is helpful and all, but, really. Ask the people you know. Loraine was the first to help me, sending me her very detailed and organized spreadsheet of expenses from her Bohol trip. Beth also gave her input. (I’m not sure if these girls were on the trip together lol.) Also, check out Keilyn’s Bohol Experience.

I haven’t finalized finalized my itinerary yet, and I haven’t finalized finalized which I’ll pick from the three hotels I’m emailing with, and I have yet to contact our transport there, but I think this’ll do for now.

For now, I shall go and have a midnight snack with my mom and brother.

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