The Day Starbucks Coffee Gave me Milk

Today at lunch break, my Starbucks gave me milk in a red to go cup. Now, I have nothing against plain ol’ milk, as a matter of fact it was delicious milk, but I ordered coffee.  And it was just wrong for me to pay P140 for a glass of milk. And from MY Starbucks, where almost all of the staff already know me.

I had no desire to go back—I had work, you know—so I just picked up my phone and called them up, just to let them know what happened. I only got to say three sentences: “Hi, this is Sarah. There wasn’t any coffee in my coffee. It’s just milk.”

I didn’t have to say anything else—rather, I wasn’t able to say anything else, because the barista on the phone said, with passion:

“Oh my golly gosh!”—I kid you not; and this actually made me smile already—“I’ll bring you a new drink, is that okay? You work in Every Nation, right? Is your drink today the short warm non-fat toffeenut latte with no whipped cream?”

An additional star for remembering that I had another usual drink.

My drink, exactly the way I like it, arrived at my office not 10 minutes later, and with an extra complimentary drink ticket attached.

Needless to say, I am very much impressed. I wasn’t even going to demand that they give me new drink, much less ask to have it brought to my office.

So THANK YOU, Starbucks Market! Market! Ground Level for the excellent service. Thank you for going the extra mile beyond remembering my name, greeting me with a smile the moment I walk through your door, continuing the 1-minute conversation we had the last time I was there, and getting my two usual drinks right every single time. Yes, every single time, because today’s little booboo doesn’t even count anymore.

And it’s not because of the new coffee, and not because of the complimentary drink ticket. It’s because you actually care. I’ve seen it in flyers, but now I can say that I saw the Starbucks love in action, first hand.

So thank you. And see you again soon!

Many thanks to Jay-em for the quick response, and Gio for bring my coffee. Hello also to Elis, Connie, Cris, and Angel!

One thought on “The Day Starbucks Coffee Gave me Milk

  1. sarah December 16, 2011 / 1:45 pm

    that’s a funny story! Oh my golly gosh! Haha.

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