Waiting for chug-chug-chugging

Before October 2014, I had never ridden a train.

I’m not talking about city subways or bullet trains (although, before October 2014, I had never ridden a bullet train, either). I’m talking about cross-country ones that you ride for hours, where you stay in little cabins with your luggage tucked beside you; ones that seem to make you say “locomotive” instead of “train” in your head.

When I was in university, on nights when I stayed up studying and the campus is quiet, I used to listen to the whistle of the distant train chugging away in the next town. I wasn’t travelling much then, but I remember telling myself that someday I’d hop on a train and go somewhere, and somehow I always pictured myself boarding a steam train like in The Chronicles of Narnia or Back to the Future, regardless of the fact that steam engines aren’t operational anymore—it just seemed more adventurous and romantic that way, I’m not sure why.

In October, during our trip to China, I finally got to ride one—not a steam train, unfortunately, but a train that has a chug-chug-chugging sound, nonetheless—when we travelled from Shanghai to the Taiyuan Province. Achievement unlocked! I even had a special playlist for the occasion.

I have yet to try to ride a locomotive in the Philippines since the PNR’s Manila-Bicol trips are suspended at the moment, and I suppose I’ll have to wait for their cars to be revamped (and, my goodness, their website needs a major overhaul, too). I travel by plane or by bus for now, but I look forward to more train rides!

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