The Wish List, 2015

Wish lists are good things. They can be bad, too, when we expect and end up being disappointed when people don’t to give us the stuff we listed, but I think they’re mostly good because they help us know what to give people on their birthday, Christmas, or even on normal days with no occasion. I also found that maintaining my own wish list helps me focus my spending. After actually listing down what I want, I remember it better, especially when I’m being tempted to buy something I don’t really need.

The first wish list I actually published on my blog was from 2005 when I was a college student in my senior year.  I’d categorized the things I wanted to Books, Music (Eheads, Beatles, others), Fangirling (Anime, Manga, and the movies I liked), Art (How to Draw Manga and drawing materials), Tech (camera, laptop, phone), or other needs (clothes, room makeover). I followed that format for several years until I changed it up in 2009 to include free things, or even non-things like ideas and outings.

My priorities shifted after I turned 25, and again when I turned 30. Because of that, the way I thought about the things I want to purchase changed, too. The things I wanted to spend on shifted to things like insurance and investment. My travel wish list became much longer–but still a bit unorganized, thus far.

I still have material things I want, though, but very few are urgent. Only a handful made it to my birthday wish list!


  1. A new camera (I’m in love with the Fujifilm AX-2) or a new battery for my Lumix LX3. My LX3 is still working, but my battery now only lasts 5 minutes. Finally bought my AX-2! (July 2016)
  2. A grey Heattech set from Uniqlo, for my Japan trip. – Got it from mi amiga Sara! Yey!
  3. My own backpacking…backpack. (I’ve been borrowing my brother’s.)
  4. Comfortable black riding boots or ankle boots WITH NO HEELS and embellishments save for one or two simple buckles. I’m waiting for Berca Shoe Store to get new stock. – Got this on sale at Payless! Teeheehee.
  5. Cognac pumps (almond toe, with at most 2-inch heels, matte). The pair by Comfortplus in Payless is what I’m targetting.

I’d also like Eagle Creek packing cubes, because I heard they were the best ones, except I’ve survived without packing cubes so far, so I’m not sure if I really really need them. I’m wishing-but-not-really-wishing basic accessories for my 11″ MacBook Air, too: VGA Adapter, lightweight case, screen protector, surface pad, USB Ethernet adapter.

I’ve got non-stuff things in my wish list, too.

  1. Handwriting sessions. Not calligaphy, mind. Handwriting. Seriously.
  2. Thrift store recommendations for someone who hates shopping. From my 2009 wish list, but this still applies.
  3. New restaurant recommendations in Quezon City.
  4. More interaction in this blog, or the Nonshopper one.
  5. Any addition to my travel fund will also be very much appreciated.

Huh. That’s even shorter than what I thought I’d list down. Yay?

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