A week of Davao eats

I spent a week in Davao with a simple itinerary: attend the Davao Bloggers Society Christmas Party, co-work, and, most importantly, EAT. We can eat anywhere, of course, but ever since I joined the Davao Food Appreciation Tour in 2010 and 2015, I always want to go back to the city and sample some more. So while is not about an official Davao Food Appreciation Tour, this post is about an almost week-long food trip in Davao. So, close enough.

Many thanks to Mica and Andrew for pushing through with this food trip!

Lachi’s Sans Rival atbp.

Whenever friends ask me where to eat in Davao, Lachi’s is always first on my list. Always. So it’s only fitting that, the moment we left the airport, we went straight to Lachi’s for some late lunch. We ordered some classic laing (don’t get me started on this awesome laing!!!!!), chili con carne, and arroz ala Cubana.

On my plate was the Asian Spicy Chicken. Sweet and savory with a bit of a kick. It’s hot enough to reach for a glass of water halfway through the meal, but mild enough for everyone. If you really like spicy food, you might want to reach for some chili sauce instead.

For dessert, we shared a pecan pie and a sans rival. The pecan pie wasn’t quite what I expected, but the sans rival never fails.

Social Media: @LachisDavao

Coffee Grounds

For post-dinner coffee, we visited Coffee Grounds. They’ve got your regular lattes, chocolate, and durian-flavored drinks, some nice interior, and very decent wifi.

For our first night, I went for some Dark Choco Latte Truffle Frappe and a Matcha Green Tea Cheese Cake. On our next visit, I tried the Matcha Latte. (Are you sensing a theme here? You should.) I am very picky about my green tea lattes, and I have to say that Coffee Grounds’ are yum.

This place is a sudden new favorite for me. The next time I visit to Davao, I’ll probably try to make my way to Coffee Grounds again.

Social media: @CoffeeGroundsDavao

Red Corner Burger in SM Lanang Premier

After watching a movie in SM Lanang Premier, we went for some grub in the Food Hall. We ordered the Thunder Burger because I do love me some blue cheese.

Thunder Burger at Red Corner Burger Davao

I realize that photo makes the burger look small. Well, it is one of the Lightweight burgers. When I visit again, I think I’m going to go hungry and try one of their heavyweights! There’s one with some bacon and a smothering of cheese. I think I’ll go for that one next time, with onion rings on the side.

There’s no dainty way to eat this burger, and that’s part of the fun!

Social media: RedCornerSMLanang


After dinner, we went for super quick dessert of shortcake and chocolate cake at Yummy.

Desserts at Yummy Alors

Social media: @Yummy.Alors

Lito’s Grill

Another new favorite! After a morning of work, we hopped into a car went to the nearby grill. We had some Filipino favorites of pork barbecue, isol, imbao (clam soup), and eggplant ensalada.

Lunch at Lito's Grill Davao

If the photo looks delicious, let me tell you: my photography does not do the food justice. At all. It’s super affordable, too!

If they didn’t have a Christmas party the next day, we would have gone for a second round.

Social media: @LitosGrill

Tiny Kitchen

But they’re actually a huge kitchen now. Mica kept talking about this place, so we made sure to go during our trip. We had some callos, salpicao, and baked fish, but the star of the night was the paella negra. We were warned that we had to wait for 40 minutes for this pan of amazingness, but the wait was so worth it.

I mean, look at that.

Paella Negra at Tiny Kitchan Davao

Savory and perfectly cooked with just the right amount of crust. Bravo.

Social media: @TinyKitchenCreations.Davao

Delongtes Seafood Grill & Barbecue

What can I say? Grilled food and kamayan is just so fitting for lunch, right? I might have been tired from work or something because I think we ordered a little too much there.

My favorite from the spread? The crispy kangkong.

Lunch at Delongtes Davao

Social media: @Delongtes

The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge Wine Bar

For our last dinner for this trip, our friends Ria of Diyosa Life and Renz of The Travelling Nomad/The Geek Travels joined us at The White Hose.

I wasn’t going to go home without eating at The White House again, even if it meant braving the pouring rain. (We were in car, of course. But it still rained really hard that night!) Specifically, I was very determined to have some Salmon Cream Cheese Maki, which I wrote about before, and the Uni Shooter.

Ah, the uni shooter. It’s a shot of fresh uni with ponzu sauce, fresh wasabi, chili, ebiko, and quail egg, designed to open up the taste buds.

You take the quail and pour it into the uni, then bottoms up!

For dessert, we tried the delicately rich Yamamomo Cheesecake. “Vanilla cheesecake topped with yamamomo and mixed berries compote set on green tea dacquoise and mango caviar.” Magnifique!

yamamomo cheesecake white house fusion davao

Social Media: Facebook page

Batu House Cafe (Marfori)

For second dessert, we headed over to the quaint old house that is now the Batu Cafe, and had this wonderful plate of happiness: the choco chip bar ala mode. (And some milk teas.)

chocolate chip cookie ala mode at Batu Cafe marfori davao

Social media: @BatuHouseMarfori

R and R Cuppa Lounge 

On flight day, I thought it was just fitting to wrap up my Davao trip with a tall glass of durian shake at the airport, at this unassuming cafe called R and R Cuppa Lounge. They have nice couches for you to stay in while waiting for your flight; Mica and I catched a few minutes of zz’s before heading to our boarding date.

Durian Shake at R and R Cuppa Lounge

Social media: Facebook page

More recs!

I have a handful of posts from my previous Davao food trips, but I’m always open to new suggestions! Do you have any other recs for where to eat in Davao? Leave a comment and let me know!

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