On the Eighth Year

Last year, I realized that I was being called out of the place where I’d worked for the last seven and a half years. The things I went through before I had this realization were gruelling. And even though this realization was a huge sigh of relief, it was still a difficult thing to process. I’d still be leaving something I enjoyed, something I’d invested sweat and tears in. I’d be changing my life as I knew it.

So to deal with all this, I made a playlist.

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Puerto Princesa trip 2010 + soundtrack

Four days. Ten tracks. One family on one awesome vacation. Oh yeah!

Day 1
And it’s you and me in the summertime
And all the sunshine banishes the dark

Track 1: Summertime – The Sundays

My brain was a mess. The day of our flight out and I hadn’t packed my bag—although I’d already planned out what I was going to bring, so that was a good thing, right?— and I still needed a couple of new shorts—all the shorts I owned were for use indoors only— and I wasn’t sure if I had any sunblock left and I really needed hair clips, too, and omgomgOMG I’M GOING TO PALAWAN!!! my brain kept repeating.

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eat, drink, and eat some more!

If you haven’t got any plans for Saturday — or even if you do — check out Dine and Jam.

Dine and Jam is a monthly celebration of the love of music, gift of cooking and joy of friendships. Each month will feature home cooked pasta meals from the Regali Kitchen, and amazing talent courtesy of Tim 4:12 productions.

It’s actually a family project of ours. Papa is basically the owner (Mama and Kuya JB are the managers). Kuya JB is the head chef of the Regali Kitchen, which provide the scrumptious dinner. Mama is the queen of desserts in the Kitchen. Kuya Ace is our graphic designer for tickets and posters and such. Kuya Tim heads 1 Tim 4:12 productions, which provide live, relaxing, cool jazz music while you eat. And moi? I handle marketing, guest relations, finances, and all that jazz.

What’s so cool about D&J; is that it’s not just a restaurant. It’s not just a gig. It’s one big party where family friends share good, clean (and delicious!) fun. And it’s even more fun because our friends become friends with each other. Like, my friends become friends with Kuya Tim’s friends, Kuya JB’s friends’ parents become friends with my folks, etc. It’s sort of like friendster in real, non-cyberspace life.

And it’s just awesome.

Try it sometime (and I recommend this Saturday), and I’m sure you’ll have so much fun, you’d wish it happened every week.

I know I do.

for reservations and more information, please visit http://regalikitchen.com