Chowking’s new Oh!some Orange Chicken

I’m not a fan of having oranges in my meat. Desserts, maybe, but not my meat. Come to think of it, I’m not exactly a fan of orange altogether. Nope, not even orange juice.

So you can imagine my reluctance last night when I realized that the event I was going to—the event I already RSVP’d “yes” to—was an ORANGE event. Meh. But I went anyway. After all, I don’t exactly hate oranges, and, let’s face it: I LOVE FOOD.

So off to Chowking Rizal Drive, I went. Continue reading

blame it on spoon-licking

Sarah and the fork of doomMy friends have hailed my house as “the home of yummy food”. (That, and “the house of many many many guitars and percs and other instruments”.) Well, with my amazing cooking mentor of a mom, I’m not that surprised.

My eldest brother, Kuya Jabes, specializes in pasta (though whatever he whips up is yummy, pasta or not). My second brother, Ace, makes a killer pizza, as well as awesome Mex-based fusions. As for my third brother, Tim, he cooks up a mean ticnap notnac! I mean, seriously. Somehow, ticnap tastes different when Kuya Tim cooks it. Why that’s so boggles my mind.

ticnap notnac – n. Inverted spelling of “pancit canton“, a dish made up of cooked noodles and a variety of vegetables and optional meat (or shrimp). The term the Cada kids use when referring to Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton.

“What about you, Sarah?” you might ask. Well, although my cooking abilities were limited to boiling water and cooking rice up until high school, I do have my own niche in the kitchen. And it’s not the stove top. It’s the oven. And, no, despite my love for pasta, it’s not baked macaroni or lasagna.

‘Tis cookies.

Yep. Although my brothers are, like, awesome in the kitchen, when it comes to baking cookies and cakes, the recipe book is suddenly shoved in my hands. I don’t really know why. I think it started when I was really really small, when I got my mom to let me lick the chocolate-covered spoon she used in preparing brownies.

Cookie with choklitBaking cookies had been one of my favorite things to do ever since I was a kid. First, because it was a time of mentoring from my mom. Secondly, it was because it’s something I could do with my older brothers. (Being an only girl in the family, and the youngest child at that, the stuff I got to do with my older brothers was limited.) And thirdly, it was because eating what I baked was (and is) super fun!

There’s one book in our kitchen that brings back old memories every time I look at it. It’s Cookies for Kids by Better Homes and Gardens. It’s the book we’ve been using for as long as I can remember. I remember flipping through it when I was a kid, not to read the recipes, but just to happily look at the pictures of yummy cookies that my mom made. My goodness. It still amazes me how we’re able to keep it until now.

Aside from that book, some of the other most-used baking books in our kitchen library is Chocolate Lovers’ cookbook by The Chocolate Lovers, and Mrs. Fields’ Cookies.

And yesterday, I found out that Mrs. Fields is sponsoring a bloggers meet-up! Coolness! It’ll be at Mrs. Fields, Manila Pavilion on August 21 (Tuesday), 7:00 PM.

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies! I’ve already signed up, and if you want to join us, just go on over to Blog and Soul Movement and comment on their post about it, or send an email to movement at blogandsoul dot net.

See you there!