I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet Amidst Christmas Decors

Christmas Decors
One of our smallest Nativity Scene sets

So here’s the thing. Unlike most Filipinos who celebrate Christmas the moment September starts—y’know, “ber” months = “brr” = Christmas? — our family begins the Christmas season on December. Which means no Christmas songs, no Christmas decors, no Christmas ANYTHING in our house before then. But before you go thinking how Scrooge-like we are, let me make one thing clear: we don’t hate Christmas. Oh, no, on the contrary, we love it! We love it so much that we keep our excitement bubbling underneath so we can go all out in December. The moment December 1 hits, we send Christmas wishes, play Christmas music, prepare Christmas gifts, wear Christmas clothes, display Christmas decors, cook Christmas food, and eat Christmas food.

But only when December arrives.

This year, though, it’s a little bit different.

Tonight, we’ll be having our monthly family project, Dine&Jam. We don’t usually do Dine&Jam near Christmas because everybody’s already occupied with…well…Christmas, but this year we’re holding it today. Tonight. In a few hours, actually. And since today is oh, so close to December, we decided to make an exception to our  Christmas Starts Only in December rule. This year, we’re decorating on November 29th. Seriously, this goes against tradition!

This afternoon, while my brother went straight to the kitchen to cook for the evening, I went to prepare the decors. We got boughs of holly (fa la la la la, la la la la), wreaths, candles, old Christmas photos, and, of course, my mother’s collection of nativity scenes. (More about that in a later blog post.) Since almost half of our Christmas decors date back to my childhood years, I can’t help remembering past Christmases with family and friends whenever we start decorating. I get that warm, fuzzy feeling, y’know, and if this day were a movie, this is the part where “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” would play in the background.

One of the problems in Christmas decorating is this: enjoying it so much that we forget to eat. Haha! Okay, so we already had lunch, but by the time I realized that I hadn’t had a glass of water in a while, my stomach was already rumbling. But between Christmas decorating and preparation for Dine&Jam, it was a bit hard to move around to make something to eat, and the only thing filling and easy to get within my line of sight was bread. And a couple of tubs of Century Bangus Fillet. Sweet!

Century Bangus Fillet
Yey, snack time!

Whoever invented the easy open can is a genius. Oh, and of course, thanks to Century for putting the easy open tab on their Bangus Fillet. Good thing, too, because the table was too crowded to set up for merienda. We only opened one tub, and it was just right for all of us. Maybe we’ll open the other tubs for our midnight snack.

Tonight’s going to be a busy, busy night. Fun, yes, but very busy. But I think I’m pumped up with that Christmas-y feeling! And I’m pretty sure that the spicy, spicy, spicy Spanish-style bangus fillet kind of helped, too.

Century Bangus Fillet