Getting my ramen fix at Ramen Cool West Ave.

Since Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines, I have a list of my favorite places to get my fix, and Ramen Cool is in it. Their dishes are adjusted for the Filipino palate, but close enough to the authentic Japanese taste to for purists (i.e. me) to enjoy.

I first heard of Ramen Cool from my brother. We visited their branch in Kapitolyo years ago, but failed to write about it. I live far from Kapitolyo, though, so it’s a great thing that Ramen Cool also has a branch in my side of Quezon City!

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sushi luuuuuuv

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love Japanese food. Among my favorites would be sushi and salmon sashimi. Oh my goodness, I LOVE salmon sashimi. If I ever get to Japan, eating salmon sashimi would be included in my “Do Not Leave Japan Without….” list. If there’s anything that will make me go (and spend) in Saisaki, it would be that. Teriyaki Boy‘s sashimi rocks, too, but it’s kind of expensive for me. Sugi really rocks, but it’s really expensive there, too. Ahehehe. I’m not sure if Yoshinoya has sashimi… I have to check the next time I go there.

If there are other Japanese restaurants that you can recommend, comment on this entry please!

Anybody wanna go Japanese foodtripping with me?