Sachi Black: The Dark Nama Chocolate

Sachi Black at Heavenly Chocolates

I will never eat nama chocolates the same way again.

Tonight, I went to Heavenly Chocolates with my mom, Kuya JB (of Regali Kitchen), and ate Steph to try the brand new dark nama chocolates by Sachi. But since we were starving, we took a quick detour in Tempura. Japanese food always brings my happy place. When I told my brother this, he said, “Already?!” And he had every right to wonder, because we were just getting started.

With Benjie Pedro and the rest of the Heavenly Chocolates staff

At Heavenly Chocolates, chocolatier Benjie had us try the four flavors of Sachi Black: Port, Sake, Yuzu Vodka and Champagne. Continue reading