land of the birds

Two words: Information overload.

Went to Avilon Zoo today… Avi = birds. Lon = land. But the thing has more than birds in it. And it’s oh-so-clean and the animals are oh-so-healthy.

It’s been more than ten years since I last went to a zoo. And it’s been FOREVER since I actually enjoyed going to a zoo. Rargh. I SO wish I brought a recorder with me. There were SOOOOOOOO many things I learned during the tour. Needless to say, almost none of the stuff I learned actually stuck to my head. The information’s in there somewhere…I just can’t remember right now.

AMINALS! Me wanna see the aminals!!!

OK. So now I can’t write something actually coherent because I’m trying to fix the tired but excited blob filled with ideas called my brain. Will post something again later, I think. I hope. Man. Avilon has GOT to produce brochures…

And I wish I saw that 8-foot Arpaima.

Go to my brother’s blog for a blog entry that actually has sense.


Waiting for the tour to start. Look at ’em duckies.


‘s Da Four with the Spotted One.

“Come ON, Bird, yer messin’ my hair!”

Owly, Falcony and Eagle-y (not their official names, of course) with da Cadas. Face it: he likes messing with people’s hair.

Yeah…Go Tim.

Ooooh, check out the color…. No flash used here…

On the way down.

Yeah. The two-hour tour around Avilon Zoo was tiring, but fun. And definitely something I’d do again.